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How Does an Infrared Sauna work?

Our Infrared sauna in Boston utilize infrared lamps and electromagnetic radiation to warm the body.  An infrared sauna is less hot than a conventional dry sauna and often far more comfortable to sit in for an extended period of time.  Studies have demonstrated potential profound effects of sauna use, including a 40% reduction of all-cause mortality

Many of the potential benefits of Infrared Sauna are linked to the release of Heat-Shock Proteins (HSPs) that can help assist other proteins perform essential functions of our cells.

Boston Infrared Sauna benefits:


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Treatment Training Wellness has the best Sunlighten® infrared sauna, one of the most well-respected brands in the industry.

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*Note: Additional features of our infrared sauna service includes: sole access to the sauna (located in a private room) for the entire duration of your appointment; complimentary bamboo towels and access to our spa shower, if needed after your session.