Dr. Melander is an outstanding practitioner.  Each appointment that I’ve had with him has run on time and I’ve always left his office feeling exponentially better than when I entered.  He has an incredible knowledge of his field and answered all of my questions thoroughly….A true 5-star experience! – Andrew L.

Magic Mike! I could barely sit down for more than 10 mins at a time and Mike had me back and training in no time. Can’t say enough good things. – Michael C.

I saw four physical therapists over the course of two years before a friend recommended Dr. Melander. Thanks to him, I’m not just back to pre-injury flexibility/mobility, I’m even better. Any time a friend or co-worker is injured or hurt, I refer them to Dr. Melander. He’s the best in Boston. – Yasmin G.

I have been going to Treatment Training Wellness for massage therapy for some time now. The experience has met and exceeded my expectations. From the second you walk-in you are met by the staff who are very friendly and helpful. Stephanie, my massage therapist, is great! She has done an excellent job of working out all of my knots and helping me address the sources of some aches and pains. Since I have been seeing her, my posture and range of motion have improved immensely. I would highly recommend her if you are in need.  -Torrence J.

This place is great!  Very well run, excellent facilities and very helpful staff.  They have helped my issues with pulled muscles a lot!!! – Bernard H.

I have enjoyed playing recreational sports my whole life. As I got into my mid thirties, I began to experience more injuries that kept me off the field. My performance in general was also noticeably suffering. I decided I needed to get in shape and definitely needed some professional help.  I started working with Jeremy a couple years ago. He created a customized plan for me, catered to the activities I wanted to improve in. In addition to supervised workouts, he provided me with an easy to follow program that I could do on my own at my own gym. Over my time with him, I have dropped around thirty pounds, but most importantly, I have played the last two seasons injury free. I am noticeably stronger and quicker and can play the sports I love with the performance I expect.  Jeremy is very knowledgeable in the science behind the workouts. He is personable and flexible so you can fit time in with your busy schedule. I would definitely recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to improve their general health and athletic ability. – Dave C.

I went to see Randy in hopes of resolving shoulder pain that has been an issue for last few years. He immediately was able to identify the likely causes and proceeded to treat me using massage and cupping. Throughout the treatment, he made sure to explain what he was doing and why, providing an intro education in physiology as he “attacked” the areas needing treatment. The whole experience was relaxing and comfortable, while he provided treatment and I left feeling significantly better immediately, with the results lasting several weeks, a great relief. 
In addition to providing excellent therapeutic treatment, his personality and attitude were very positive and welcoming.  I would (and have) recommend Randy to anyone looking for relief of pain. It wasn’t your typical ‘spa’ massage, but rather a knowledgeable medical treatment that still left me feeling relaxed. – Julienne C.

As an avid athlete for years, I caused soft tissue damage to my shoulder. Not familiar with orthopedic massage, I was referred to Randy Kostelansky. For years, I was competing in races with pain. Randy was able to help me find relief and comfort. – Cheri C.

Jeremy. You are my favorite supreme being. I wanna join every social media to write a review. I sent my buddy Jose and Annie is next.  You did it again. I am pain free!  I’ve ran twice at moderate speed and average speed with no pre, during or post run pain…Just for perspective I went to Spaulding rehab and Brigham & women’s and none of them diagnosed it right.
You are a blessing…As you can tell I hold you in high esteem. Words can’t express it all…thank you so very much! – Will O.