Sabrina Smith, BA, LMT

Trigger Point Therapy/ Injury Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Sports Massage
Deep Tissue

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Licensed Massage Therapist, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Infant Massage
Cranio-Sacral, Upledger institute

Instructor St. Ann’s Colorguard, Winterguard International
Dancing and Music
Art, History, and Museums
Research regarding the practice of Massage Therapy

“I strive to provide an alternative approach to Pain Management.  In order to suit your needs, a blend of modalities is imperative.  I will work with you to find the best way to commence healing for the body and the mind.  An integrated approach is necessary for comfort and optimal healing.  In Western culture, we have a tendency to attack any issues after trauma, injury, or pain develop. My goal is to consider what is most comfortable and beneficial regarding acute or chronic themes that you are experiencing with your physical and mental health.  Once we can effectively work out a strategy for healing, an Eastern medicine approach coupled with Western modalities, will be applied in your treatment sessions.  In order to effectively find balance, we will focus on the mind-body connection.  Let’s move towards preventing further injuries and maintaining homeostasis with preventative treatment.”