Raw cacao raspberry chia pudding

Chia pudding has become one of my favorite snacks. I always keep a jar of it stashed in the fridge just in case I get a craving in the middle of the day. Chia seeds are a well balanced food nutritionally as they provide a great amount of plant protein, omega fats, and fiber.

In my work with clients, I find that what many people struggle with is saying no to the high-sugar, pre-packaged foods that do nothing but make us feel hungrier, heavier and damage our digestion.

My goal is to provide you with healthier versions of your favorite foods — easy to make, nutrient-dense sweetness we all love and crave so much. The recipes I offer as a substitute to the empty-calorie, convenient snacks are much better for your waistline and contain only simple, pure ingredients. On top of that, they are easy and quick to prepare.

Chia pudding is really amazing and I am so happy I discovered it!  It is packed with Omega 3 fats, soluble fiber, which helps to improve your digestion and elimination, as well as plant-based proteins, and lots of delicious, all-natural flavors which you get to create. Chia seeds are so versatile that you can incorporate them into pretty much any recipe.

Chia seeds are virtually tasteless and the great thing about these little guys is that they can be used as a thickening agent. They are hydrophilic, meaning they love water, so any chance they get, they absorb it. Chia seeds expand up to ten times their size when soaked in liquid. I like to use them in fruit jams and smoothies to thicken the consistency and add in some plant protein and fiber.

So without further adieu, here is the recipe. Enjoy this treat and be sure to share with your friends ♥ Bon appetite!