Kale quinoa salad


Summer is the best time to clean up your diet and get all of your servings of fresh veggies in a single meal.

I have been making a lot of salads lately which is what my body craves during the summer months. In Ayurvedic medicine, summer is the season of the Pitta constitution which is fiery and hot. Eating a variety of raw fruits and vegetables during this season is considered balancing for Pitta as it helps to hydrate and cool the body.

This beautiful salad recipe I share with you today is one of my go-to meals this time of year. It is very delicious, filling and nutritionally balanced. It combines the perfect amount of leafy greens, plant-based proteins and healthy fats. It is simply amazing!

You can make a fresh vegetable salad the perfect meal by being creative with your ingredients. I personally love to mix in cooked gluten-free grains with my veggies because it adds substance, nutrients and fiber. You can also toss in some nuts, seeds and chopped avocado if desired for a healthy dose of good fats.

Choosing the right dressing is important too. Many of the store-bought dressings are packed with sugar and hydrogenated oils so making your own salad dressing from natural, hand-picked ingredients is a great idea. It’s so easy too!

I used a creamy miso ginger dressing for this recipe which literally took me five minutes to mix up. It’s zesty and fresh, and compliments this salad perfectly. As always, I like to keep things fresh, simple and easy for you.

Enjoy this recipe and please share with your friends![mpprecipe-recipe:4]