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I love sweets, and sometimes staying healthy and on track with my diet becomes a real challenge. Luckily for me, I like to bake and I always make sure I pack in a lot of nutrients in the foods that I prepare at home. It is so much better and less expensive than eating take-out and store-bought, prepackaged meals made with artificial ingredients. No thanks.

Sugar addiction is a real problem in our society. Sugar, especially when coming from refined carbohydrates, provides a quick source of energy for the body and the brain. When we are chronically tired or sleep deprived (which most of us are), sugar is the first thing we start to crave.

Carbohydrates derived from whole foods such as unrefined organic grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables are considered healthy because they are high in fiber and other essential nutrients. Foods that provide a quick source of carbohydrates such as added sweeteners, refined grains, breads, pastries, cereals and sweet drinks are considered simple carbs and are to be avoided. Too much of these carbs can cause spikes in blood sugar levels and lead to hypoglycemia, obesity, and type II diabetes.

I like to experiment with recipes that are both delicious and healthy like these vegan, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. These babies have no added sugar and are packed with nutrients and fiber which makes them very good for your blood sugar levels, waistline and your digestion. Kids will love them too. Mine sure do!