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At Treatment Training Wellness, our personal training programs are specific to the individual. Our Boston personal trainers use a systematic review of an individual's goals, movement, and fitness to craft a program that is right for you, and devoid the many injury risks inherent to a large group training and group fitness exercise studios.

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Unclear where to start on your fitness journey? Already health-conscious, athletic or fitness-minded but looking for more targeted advice and guidance? Look no further. We use a systematic review of an individual’s goals, movement, and fitness to craft a program that is right for you. Here are 6 reasons our clients love our personal training.

Maximize results with a fitness coach

Most people fail to achieve their fitness goals because they focus on the wrong exercises or don’t know how to make the best use of their exercise time. Our trainers will work with you to craft a personal fitness program to ensure you spend your time on the right types of workouts for your goals.

Remain motivated

Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining your health and fitness goals, but it can be hard to stay motivated over time. Our trainers take on the burden of planning, revising and revitalizing your program accordingly, so you can focus on the actual working out.

Avoid boredom

Boredom can be the enemy of working out, especially if you’re relying on mainstream information. Our trainers are well-versed in exercises for every single muscle in the body that keep things fun, varied, and challenging.

Reduce injury risk with a certified trainer

When you use the wrong workout form and technique, you increase your chance of injury—and it takes more time to get results. We’ll teach you proper workout form and technique to reduce your risk of injury.

Stay accountable

It’s difficult to find an excuse to skip a workout when you have someone waiting for you and reminding you why it’s so important to remain consistent. Our trainers will keep you accountable so you can develop the discipline it takes to build a healthy lifestyle.

Tailored to you

Some people exercise to lose fat, others want to gain muscle, and some want both. On top of that, everyone’s body has different considerations and limitations. Our trainers ensure a training program is designed for you and you alone.

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The perks of working with our fitness coaches

Individualized programming specific to your needs and fitness/movement capacity

Selection of one-on-one training, small group training, or remote training

“Off-day” workouts when you can’t make it to our studio

Early morning, evening, and weekend hours

30% off all massage therapy services the same day you train

50% off infrared sauna services the same day you train

Convenient studio located in downtown Boston, accessible by T and parking nearby

Two showers on-site with eco-friendly amenities

Not sure about personal training? Try remote programming instead!

Come in for a consultation that will cover your current exercise routine and fitness goals. Based on the equipment available to you, our expert personal trainers will design a remote workout program, updated weekly, for every day you intend to exercise

The programming will be shared electronically, with exercise demonstration videos attached when clarification is needed. We’ll reach out weekly to track your progress, answer questions, and make modifications as needed. And you’ll also have the option for one training session per month at our studio for no additional cost.

Remote programming options are as follows:
1. 3x/week online “group” mobility training: $100/month
2. 3x/week online “personalized” mobility training: $150/month (includes evaluation)
3. 3x/week “personalized” strength and conditioning training: $150/month (includes initial evaluation and one in-studio session per month)

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What clients say

I have enjoyed playing recreational sports my whole life. As I got into my mid thirties, I began to experience more injuries that kept me off the field. I started working with Jeremy a couple years ago. In addition to supervised workouts, he provided me with an easy to follow program that I could do on my own at my own gym. I have played the last two seasons injury free. I am noticeably stronger and quicker and can play the sports I love with the performance I expect.

Dave C.

Get started with a free consultation from a fitness trainer

If you’ve made it this far you are well on your way to achieving any goals that you have set for yourself. Your determination and the correct exercise program will keep you motivated and on track to attain your goals! Fitness evaluations and Personal Training consultations are always free. Email or call us to get started.

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Personal Training FAQs

Are you thinking about working with a personal trainer but have a lot of questions and not sure if it is the right step for you? We have created this personal trainer FAQ so you can get all the answers you were looking for, to know if a personal trainer is the next step for you in your fitness journey. Here are our top asked questions, compiled together about personal training and a fitness trainer so you can be sure you are making the right choice.

How much is a personal trainer in Boston?

Personal trainers in Boston charge the following on average: $25 to $50 for a 30-minute session, $40 to $70 for an hour session, $60 to $100 for a 90-minute session. This price is typical for service is provided at their own facility. For a trainer to come to your home, you would be looking at $60 to $100 or more hourly. Another factor in pricing depends on the personal trainer’s expertise, certifications, specialties and experience. Usually, the more certifications and specialties a personal trainer has, the more their service will cost.

Is it worth hiring a personal trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer has many benefits. [1] Personal trainers will make you accountable and provide you with motivation. [2] A fitness trainer will help you do more of what you enjoy in terms of routines and workouts and less of what you don’t. [3] Personal trainers see everything we are doing and can perfect our techniques instantly and use their wealth of knowledge to help you train more effectively. [4] Having a personal trainer help reduce your risk of injury. [5] A Personal trainer is great for helping to establish, track and manage your goals. [6] If you have an illness or injury, a personal trainer can provide you with a personalized plan for your specific needs.

How often should I see a personal trainer?

When you begin training with a personal trainer, you are developing a new routine; you are pushing your body, developing muscles and improving your strength and stamina. Your diet is going to change, along with your body. Therefore it is recommended in the beginning to see a personal trainer at least 2 to 3 times a week. After you have been training a few months and you are happy with your body and progress, you can discuss with your personal trainer about reducing to fewer sessions per week. But don’t forget, for it to work you need to factor in your budget, your schedule, your goals and your commitment. Your personal trainer needs to work with you, for you both to get the most out of your sessions.

What makes a great trainer?

Think about the following things when looking at a potential personal trainer: [1] Their Credentials: Not only do they need to have certified credentials, but it’s helpful if they continue to study, keeping up with new science as it is developed to ensure you are getting the best advice available. [2] Their Manner: Do you need gentle encouragement or boot camp style yelling? What style will motivate and encourage you? [3] Results: Personal trainers cannot guarantee results, it is, after all, a partnership and both parties need to work hard to achieve targets. That being said, your trainer should be able to show they have experience and show you the progress they have made with clients in the past.

How long should a personal training session be?

There are a few factors that you need to consider. Most personal training sessions are 60 minutes; however, you should consider the following: [1] Your current fitness level. [2] Your goals and your schedule. [3] The type of workouts you’ll be doing. These are all things you can talk through with your personal trainer, but don’t be surprised if they recommend 45-minute sessions or 75-minute sessions.

What does a fitness coach do?

A fitness coach’s job is to coach, train, motivate and push you to a higher level of fitness and ability. They are going to combine the coaching process and personal training methods to empower you to develop a healthier and fitter lifestyle whilst increasing your ability and hopefully your confidence too. Most importantly, your coach should work with you, your schedule and goals. While you will need to listen to them once your program begin, they also need to listen and work with you to build a great training relationship.

Hopefully we have answered some of your questions, queries or concerns about working with a personal trainer Boston. In our experience clients who work with personal trainers are much more likely to not only achieve their fitness goals but to develop life long habits that will help them maintain their fitness level.

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