Treatment Training Wellness is a full-service Health and Wellness facility in Boston featuring Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Personal Training. Our “Treatment” clients can expect us to provide efficient, patient-centered care plans intended to reduce pain, improve injury, and reduce stress as quickly as possible. Our “Training” clients can expect us to provide 1-on-1, individualized workout programming intended to help build strength, lose weight, and reduce the risk of injury.

Our mission is to foster an integrated pain/injury treatment center and personal training studio within which all of our clients receive only the highest-caliber of care. We expect every person who leaves our facility to be better than they were when they arrived, regardless of the provider they saw or the factors motivating their session.

We invite you to come and experience the Treatment Training Wellness difference today! We can’t wait to prove to you why we are the best in Boston for any Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, or Personal Training need!

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what people say about us

Jeremy. You are my favorite supreme being. I wanna join every social media to write a review. I sent my buddy Jose and Annie is next.  You did it again. I am pain free!  I've ran twice at moderate speed and average speed with no pre, during or post run pain...Just for perspective I went to Spaulding rehab and Brigham & women's and none of them diagnosed it right.
You are a blessing...As you can tell I hold you in high esteem. Words can't express it all...thank you so very much!

As an avid athlete for years, I caused soft tissue damage to my shoulder. Not familiar with orthopedic massage, I was referred to Randy Kostelansky. For years, I was competing in races with pain. Randy was able to help me find relief and comfort.

Cheri C.

I went to see Randy in hopes of resolving shoulder pain that has been an issue for last few years. He immediately was able to identify the likely causes and proceeded to treat me using massage and cupping. Throughout the treatment, he made sure to explain what he was doing and why, providing an intro education in physiology as he "attacked" the areas needing treatment. The whole experience was relaxing and comfortable, while he provided treatment and I left feeling significantly better immediately, with the results lasting several weeks, a great relief.
In addition to providing excellent therapeutic treatment, his personality and attitude were very positive and welcoming.  I would (and have) recommend Randy to anyone looking for relief of pain. It wasn't your typical 'spa' massage, but rather a knowledgeable medical treatment that still left me feeling relaxed.

Julienne C.

Dr. Melander is an outstanding practitioner.  Each appointment that I've had with him has run on time and I've always left his office feeling exponentially better than when I entered.  He has an incredible knowledge of his field and answered all of my questions thoroughly....A true 5-star experience!

Andrew L.

Magic Mike! I could barely sit down for more than 10 mins at a time and Mike had me back and training in no time. Can't say enough good things.

Michael C.

I saw four physical therapists over the course of two years before a friend recommended Dr. Melander. Thanks to him, I'm not just back to pre-injury flexibility/mobility, I'm even better. Any time a friend or co-worker is injured or hurt, I refer them to Dr. Melander. He's the best in Boston.

Yasmin G.

I have been going to Treatment Training Wellness for massage therapy for some time now. The experience has met and exceeded my expectations. From the second you walk-in you are met by the staff who are very friendly and helpful. Stephanie, my massage therapist, is great! She has done an excellent job of working out all of my knots and helping me address the sources of some aches and pains. Since I have been seeing her, my posture and range of motion have improved immensely. I would highly recommend her if you are in need.

Torrence J.

This place is great!  Very well run, excellent facilities and very helpful staff.  They have helped my issues with pulled muscles a lot!!!

Bernard H.
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The Top 6 Benefits of Hiring a Boston Personal Trainer

You can craft your own health and fitness program and workout on your own if you like. However, it’s not advisable to do so if you are not a health and fitness professional. The internet is packed with misinformation today. Acting on such information can result in serious health and injury risks. You will also waste a lot of time, effort and money without getting the desired results. That’s where professional health and wellness professionals like Treatment Training Wellness come in. If you are a health-conscious, athletic or fitness-minded person living in Boston, MA, look no further.

Top 6 benefits of working with a personal trainer in Boston, MA

There are several good reasons why you should hire a Boston personal trainer near you. They include;

1. Faster/better results

Personal trainers are the most knowledgeable professionals on all matters relating to health and fitness. This makes them the best-suited individuals for crafting professional fitness programs that ensure you spend your time on the right types of workouts and routines. They can also help you get the best out of the time you have. Hiring a Boston personal trainer will help you maximize your fitness results.

Most people fail to achieve their fitness goals because they concentrate on the wrong exercises or exercise routines. Also, most people don’t know how to get the best out of the exercising time they have.

2. Reduced injury risks

It takes more time to get results when you are using the wrong workout form and technique. You also increase your chances of getting injured during workouts. Personal trainers teach you proper workout forms and techniques reducing the risk of injury. The most common gym injuries i.e. lower back, knee, shoulder, neck, foot and ankle injuries can be avoided by working with a personal trainer.

3. Long-term motivation and guidance

Consistency is key when you want to achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals in the long term. The problem is; it is hard to stay motivated in the long run. That’s where a personal trainer comes in handy. Certified personal trainers can “think for you” allowing you to focus on the “doing” part of exercising rather than the planning which tends to be overwhelming. Personal trainers make it extremely easy for you to stay committed to your fitness journey by reviewing your progress, revising and revitalizing your programs accordingly. They will help you identify and deal with all the obstacles that keep people from exercising consistently.

Treatment Training Wellness personal trainers help their clients establish healthy habits that last a lifetime.

4. Increased accountability

Living a healthy lifestyle requires unmatched discipline. Your chances of missing a workout are higher when you have no one to keep you accountable. Treatment Training Wellness fitness trainers are always there waiting for clients to show up. It’s difficult to find an excuse to skip a workout when you have someone waiting for you and constantly reminding you why it’s so important to remain consistent.

5. Exercise variety and creativity

There are limits when you exercise while relying on mainstream information.

Treatment Training Wellness has the best Boston personal trainers well-versed in making exercising fun. TTW personal trainers offer one of the best varieties of creative exercises ensuring you never get bored and start looking for reasons to skip workouts. There’s also an exercise for every single muscle in your body.

6. Custom exercises for unique requirements

Mainstream exercise programs assume everyone’s body is the same or we all want the same fitness results. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our bodies are different. Our abilities and fitness/physique goals are also different. Some people exercise to lose fat while others want to gain muscle. Some want both. We also have different health concerns. For instance, you may be working out to heal an old knee or back injury as required by your doctor. In such a case, you need exercises that rebuild muscle as well as improve mobility without worsening your injury. Conventional exercise won’t work in such a case. Your goals are also different from a typical gym goer. This is where personal training and wellness experience makes a big difference in your training program.

Treatment Training Wellness has a variety of health and wellness programs catering to unique requirements. The services range from massage therapy and chiropractic services to acupuncture and condition related health and wellness services. Treatment Training Wellness can help you with your unique health/fitness/wellness requirements.

Hiring a Boston personal trainer might seem like an unnecessary expense at first. It’s now clear what you stand to gain by working with health and wellness professionals like Treatment Training Wellness. Besides getting access to the best Boston personal trainers, TTW is also a leading provider of chiropractic and massage therapy services in Boston, MA.

TTW is an integrated health facility that caters to all fitness, wellness and injury needs.